Harden Place Gifted To Abraham Hays Foundation


Company: The Abraham Hays Foundation, Inc.

Website:  www.abrahamhaysfoundation.org

Email:  jdeibel@abrahamhaysfoundation.org

Facebook: Hays Mansion

Contact:  James M. Deibel, President

Phone:  214-882-1343


The Abraham Hays Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation announces it has recently taken ownership of Harden Place, otherwise known as Hays Mansion in Munhall, Pennsylvania. This was a result of the generous donation of the mansion by gift deed from Riverbend Mansion, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company, Dr. Mark Draper and his wife Constance Draper. “We are humbled and extremely grateful to the Drapers for their generous contribution to the foundation and will work tirelessly to restore this historic place for the benefit of the Hays family, the Borough of Munhall and the greater Pittsburgh community” says Jim Deibel, President of the foundation. The original homestead was settled by Abraham and Fannie Hays in 1767 upon their arrival from Baltimore County, Maryland. Ten generations of Hays family spent their lives there. Based on its Italianate architecture, Hays Mansion was erected by the family sometime between 1832 and 1860 after the flood of February 10, 1832 when the original homestead was washed down the Monongahela River. In 1975, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation included “Hays House” on its roster of historic places and provided a plaque designating it a historic landmark in the community.  The mansion was passed down to Hays descendants over 135 years of consecutive ownership until September 1995 when it was sold to Hardin Place, Inc. The mansion was subsequently purchased in September 2004 by Riverbend Mansion, LLC to save it from demolition. Last year, the foundation made application to The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for inclusion as a state historical landmark. When approved, the foundation will then seek inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Thanks to all who have assisted us along the way.  We look forward to an incredible future.