On June 19, 2013, the Borough of Munhall voted 5-2 to rescind the condemnation order for Harden Place, otherwise known as Hays Mansion. InOctober 2014 we took ownership of Harden Place as a result of the generous donation by gift deed from Riverbend Mansion, LLC, Dr. Mark Draper and his wife Constance Draper. In August 2014 we received formal notification from The Internal Revenue Service that we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization effective as of February 28, 2013.  Copies of these documents are located on the Legal Documentation page of the website.   We seek funding for the restoration and operation of Harden Place, acquisition of the 18.5 acre hillside, forensic architectural work,  all expenses necessary for grant applications and to seek inclusion on The National Register of Historic Places. Currently, the mission of The Abraham Hays Foundation is to seek funding through donations from charitable foundations both public and private, historical societies and private individuals in order to preserve and protect Harden Place.

Hays descendants and others have already responded to the Foundation's appeal and are making pledges to help fund the repairs and donating their time and talents. This is a monumental task and will require more than the efforts of a few. Saving the mansion will require the efforts of all Hays family members, members of the Pennsylvania and regional historical societies, and concerned citizens who want to see this piece of American history preserved and restored.

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This is your opportunity to make a difference. Help Save the Mansion! Whether you are a Hays family descendant, a historical society member, or just a concerned citizen, you can help! Head to the “Take Action” page and see the ways that you may contribute your time, talents, and funds. Our Financial Plan page of the website details our projections of what needs to be done in order to save Harden Place and an estimate of costs for operating the Foundation.

To learn more about Harden Place and why it is so important to the Hays family as well as to the borough of Munhall, greater Pittsburgh community and American history, visit The History of Harden Place page of the website.

Now that the condemnation has been stayed!

Thanks to the assistance of the Borough of Munhall Council we are on our way to seeing this noble effort become reality, The Abraham Hays Foundation will ultimately be responsible for ownership and maintenance of Harden Place and will also serve to protect, preserve, and document the Abraham Hays family history. If you are a Hays descendant and can provide articles regarding history, personalty, or any other relevant pieces of Hays history, please contact us.



Read into the history of Harden Place and its importance in American history. 


Here is our effort to be completely transparent concerning finances and property ownership.  


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